Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello 30's, Goodbye 20's!

Many says that once you hit 20, your twenties will get by very fast.
That's absolutely true!

Celebrated my 30th Birthday (29 May 2011)

I'm now officially upgraded to Version 3.0.
With lots of improvements done since Version 2.0. That's for sure!

The past 10 years, lots of ups and downs
(I believe everyone has their own stories)

But the past 1 decade has been an amazing season of preparation for greater things ahead.

I've decided to archive the history and share the highlights with you.

The Happening Twenties (2001 - 2011)

2001 (20 yrs old)

  • Went abroad to Melbourne, Australia to pursue my Degree in Multimedia Arts upon receiving my Diploma in SAE International College in KL in year 2000. Scored 4-HDs in Swinburne University of Info. Technology, Melbourne.
  • Attended “You’re My World" Hillsong Conference, Sydney
  • Took a big step of faith to discontinued my studies and returned home to assist my pastor, Ps Kevin Loo to pioneer COHC (Now known as CHCKL). It was a big step of faith and sacrifice. But its worth it.
  • Volunteered to be a part-time staff in church.
  • Worked Part-time at Sunway Monash University Library as Multimedia designer.
  • Lead praise & worship every weekend. Wrote 1st worship song. "Lord I just want to love you."
  • Awarded The Ms. COHC Award in church.

2002 (21st year old)

  • Studied in City Harvest School Of Theology (SOT), Singapore. Straight As for all academic subjects.
  • In Singapore, got to know Ps Kong Hee. It's a divine connection - my spiritual father and inspiration.
  • In Singapore, got connected with great people around the world.
  • Met my SOT buddy Sun Ai Zheng from Taiwan. (Now in Singapore)
  • Preached in main service in CHCKL. (Sunway College Audi 7)
  • Started working as 1st Full Time Staff (PA to senior pastor) of CHCKL at a small office next to Sunway side-gate.

2003 (22yrs old)

  • Preaching and teaching a lot in Colleges/CFs/Camps. Reaching out to youths
  • Became a Cell Group Leader in CHCKL.
  • Faced with many challenges at work. It was a tough and stretching season. “One-Leg-Kick” and multitasking at workplace as I was the only staff we have back then.
  • Awarded "The Best CG Leader Award" & The” Most Hardwoking’ Award by the church.

2004 (23yrs old)

  • Visited Israel with Ps Kevin & Esther (Organized by Word of life & CHCSG) - A dream fulfilled!
  • Pioneered a youth CG in Eaglenest Youth Center, SS15. Now most of them are CGLs
  • Prayed for a car: MAZDA (Interestingly, it was fulfilled after 7 yrs on my birthday- 2011. That's why I wanna highlight it... )
  • Attended Fast-Track Pastors Course (Livets Ord University, Sweden) in Singapore with Ps Kevin, Esther & Keith.

2005 (24yrs old)

  • Stress and expectations increased at work and ministry.
  • Relationships faced many challenges.
  • Plunged into depression without realizing it
  • Depression got severe and brokenness took place.
  • Felt emotionally abused and manipulated in many ways. But I've then decided to keep forgiving, keep up a good attitude. Great season of learning obedience and submission too.
  • Went through a breakup. Short courtship that didn't work out. :( Learned tonnes of lessons from it too.
  • It was a tough season with no help available. My mum was the only pillar of strength, who encouraged me over the phone and prayed for me.
  • But despite it all, I kept moving forward, kept loving and kept believing that better days are coming.
  • Appointed as subzone leader.

2006 (25yrs old)

  • Still fighting depression. Coping with manipulation, injustice and betrayals.
  • But I've learned so much about God’s love and grace in leadership. And that is also the reason why I love and accept people for who they are and do not pass judgments.
  • I've also learn that sowing mercy, reaps mercy.
  • 'Just keep on doing the right thing, God will see me through.' I told myself everyday.
  • Had some divine connections with great pastors and leaders who constantly encouraged me and prophesied over me.
  • The best thing this year, I accepted David Oh (Who has been pursuing for 1 year) but I made him wait cos I wasn't ready!). He is now my best friend and soul mate. He who loves me for who I am and believes God has a great calling in my life. Great encourager!

2007 (26 yrs old)

  • Went to USA (LA, Chicago, Texas, Boston) with Ps Kevin & Family, assisting them.
  • Many wonderful people came into my life this season. Appreciate each one!
  • Recovering from depression. Many breakthroughs in my life.
  • Continue to love God and love people.
  • Raised many great leaders this year. Multiplied a new subzone for Felicia Choong to lead.

2008 (27yrs old)

  • Pioneered Chinese Church.
  • Recovered from depression.
  • Mission Trip to Surabaya & Malang, Indoenesia. Preaching and teaching in churches. Brought Felicia with me.
  • Had sinusitis surgery in Sunway Medical Center. Finally, I can breathed with my nose after 27 years!
  • Organizing logistics for 1st Asia Conference in Singapore
  • Engaged to David Oh- Beautiful proposal at Langkawi’s BonBon Island.
  • Amazing birthday surprise party at CHEC organized by family & subzone.
  • Overwhelmed by the love of people around me!

2009 (28yrs old)

  • Bought a new house (with my sister) for my parents - moved them from Labuan to KL.
  • 1st Korea Visit – Yoido Ful Gospel Church. Eye-opener!
  • David & I got married. DASH UNITED wedding at Sime Darby Convention Center. Featuring Andy's blog for our wedding.
  • Honeymoon at Pangkor Laut Island YTL resort.
  • Mission Trip to Kuching, Sarawak. (
  • Wedding Banquet & Teaching session in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Ps Troy Marshall & Ps Andrew Gray gave me a powerful prophecy each. Click names to watch clips.
  • Many songs composed were recorded and published in "UNBELIEVABLE" album.
  • Interviewed by SongRadio for “教我去爱”。View Interview site

2010 (29 yrs old)

  • 2nd visit to Seoul, Korea. Prayer Mountain was a freezing cold experience!
  • Visited our goddaughter Alethea Yee, Yipp & Gillian (her parents) in Dubai. Beautiful city.
  • Organized Logistics for 2nd Asia Conference to Singapore. 1000 people exodus.
  • The FInal Chapter of Trilogy - Massive Birthday Celebration by my family and loved one. Its like a concert!
  • The Story (esp birthday) video was such an encouragement! Best birthday gift.
  • Another prophecy by Ps Troy Marshall for me and David. (Click link)
  • 2 songs written were recorded and published in "爱就是力量" album by Kingdom Works. 爱的翅膀 MV and 'Merry Christmas' MV (Click link to watch vids)
  • Its a new season for our church. Many changes took place.

2011 (30 yrs old)

  • Joined & addicted to bootcamps! Original Bootcamp, Rebel Bootcamp, DailyMuscle Bootcamp.
  • Ministries have been growing: Subzone - 280. (22 Cgs)
  • Chinese church is established and now about 170
  • Appointed as elder of church.
  • Committee for "TEN" CHCKL 10th anniversary coffeetable book - hard work!
  • Honeymoon at Macau & Hong Kong.
  • Watched the most expensive SHOW on earth (production cost: USD$250mil) - The House of Dancing Water.
  • "The Angel Operation" - A month of birthday blessings and gifts from friends and family.
  • Another big birthday bash by family and subzone with amazing performances & party!
  • Hubby gave me a Mazda3 Hatchback as birthday gift.

What an 'eventful' 10 years of my life huh?
Growing from strength to strength.

Through it all, I've learned one thing that really matters:

Without it..

we . are . nothing .

So... with this L.O.V.E.

Hello 30s, Here I Come!



Me said...

wow :)

Me said...

happy birthday shirley :)

Careen Tan said...

Wow...awesome post. The more I read your blog post the more I held my breath.

Truly God's blessing overflows in your life. Am always so inspired and proud of you, Shirley! Am glad to have known you :)

Happy belated b'day! :) <3