Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are You Building A Life Team? Or Wasting Your Lifetime?

I remembered many years back when I first met Dr. Robb Thompson, he taught me a profound and valuable lesson when I sent him to airport one day. I asked him, "Dr. T, if there's only ONE THING that you would like to impart to me from all the principles that you've taught us? What will it be?".

He replied, with a smile... "Build your life team". I don't fully understand. So I asked him to explained to me.

He then shared with me stories about many great men and women of God that he knew, whom have spent their whole life ministering to people, building huge ministries, attempted great things for God.

However, in their old age, they are lonely. They sat on the rocking chairs, eyesight are blurred, ears can hardly hear, voice turned cranky, though they had never regret a life well-lived fulfilling God's calling. However, many wondered, will there ever be anyone visiting them today, any phone calls, any postcards showing gratuities for the things they've done for the people they have ministered to all these years. Where are they? Do they remember you? Who is going to walk through the journey with you? Where are your friends?

I stood there starring at him, I told him. Nodded. "Pastor, I get what you mean..."

Another year, he's back again to minister to us. This time, I had the chance to spend time with his PA, Justin Kane. I asked him the same question, he gave me the exact same answers. And he shared with me the people in his life team, and taught me how to select people to be in your inner circle, spend them investing in their lives, these are the people that will run with you all your life, people that is like family members to you, or com rads. Someone that you know and you know, one day when the sky falls down on you, they will be there to hold it up for you. Someone that knows you and still loves you the same. Someone that holds you accountable for your life.

He shared with me the people in his life team. Mentors, disciples, friends. Not too many, but enough for him to focus on building meaningful relationship with. I've learned a great lesson. And pondered upon this wisdom shared, it's indeed important.

I've got my life team sorted out after a season of prayers and observations. The list may change, as people changes. But I do hope that these people that I'm investing into would continue to stay in the life team together, supporting each other, and spurring each other to live out the destiny that God has for us all.

This is then truly a life well lived, a meaningful one that not only fulfil the call of God to serve Him but also having a real and fulfilling relationships in this journey of LIFE.

What about you? Are you building your life team? or are you busy building an empire that only you alone resides in it?

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Pam Song said...

I'm happy for you. =)

ShirleyBoon said...

Babe... =)

Missing u!

How's your wedding preparation coming along?

Pam Song said...

Missing yew too!

Wedding preparations are moving along ok I suppose. Starting PMC middle of next month with our ex-Pastor. The one who's in KL now that I told you about. :-/