Sunday, December 26, 2010

Have Myself A Merry Little Christmas 2010...

Here's how I celebrated my 2010 Christmas! It was really an enjoyable and memorable one.

DASH candle lights

2 weeks prior to Christmas, together with musical lovers. We've watched two musicals:

- a musical MOSTLY based on the Christmas story

Books, music and lyrics by

Directed by

Presented by

2-19 December 2010
PJ Live Arts @ Jaya One


MADWORLD by DUMC & SIB @ Dream Center, PJ

High-cultured musicals. We enjoyed ourselves. Good way to kindle up our christmas mood!

1 week prior to Christmas. Probably the most anticipated event this Christmas - is our very own musical production : Pins & Needles! It was a relevant, touching, funny and 'breakthough' drama production. Broadway music and dance were simply awesome! *Claps* Well done and thank all the cast and crew. Not forgetting, our Director/scriptwriter Esther Ku and Producer Pastor Kevin Loo for coming out with this brilliant story. Totally enjoyed it!

My Hubby and His "Mistress" in "Pins & Needles". Juicy! I know.

"Shionng-Hoi Tan" by the Chinese church leaders, part of the scene from "Pins & Needles"

The Finale Dance of "Pins & Needles"

The "Pins & Needles" Cast and Crew

Christmas weekend countdown. Firstly, we had a CG Christmas party at Leonard & Baldwin's crib on Bt Damansara on the 21 Dec 2010. It was fun! We had entertaining performances by Luke, Hunter and Shaboon. And Jin's twisted arm stunt. Unbelievable. Lynn's Testimony was touching too. And oh, not forgetting the Karaoke and Guitar Hero session. Thanks Bella for mesmerizing us with her sweet voice with the song "Lydia" by F.I.R. Food was good and we had a great night of fellowship!

The Top 3 winners of Emerge 2010 Talentime at the party:
Front left, Richard Tan (Singing), Sharon Boon (Songwriting) and Luke (Dancing)

Next, on the 23 Dec, I had a CHC/Ayria Staff Christmas party at MY CHURCH OFFICE. Yes, my church office common area was being transformed into a nice cozy jazz bar-like chillax room. There were 50 of us and my Pastor's little apartment too humble to hold so many of us. We had a feast that night. No greens though, meat and lots of meat. Well, food was super delicious. David and I had a vegetarian-fast that night.

Then our famous Tai Loong kickstarted the Karaoke session with his 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift. We had a great time of catching up, phototaking, singing, eating, and... Oh, not forgetting the highlight of the night, discovered a new young talent -my god-daughter Alethea Minn Yee (2 yrs + old) took over the stage and started dancing! Everyone were impressed by her self-choreographed dance... Pewiit!~ She will surely become one of the "So you think you can dance" champion when she grows up! Oh well, I sang some chinese songs with Wen Dee and some other mandarin songs K-queens. That ends the night for me. Memorable!

A snapshot with my beloved colleagues, fun bunch!

Alethea took over the stage and 'shocked' us with her hidden talents.

David, my hubby singing his favorite oldies.

The highlight was on Christmas eve, 24 Dec. We had our family dinner at Little Korea, Sunway Mentari. The Korean BBQ food and refillable appetizers were delicious, except that the service is kinda slow. Exchange our gifts among family members that night. Received some cool gifts...

1 of the gift from my sister, Sandra Boon - half dozen of Guitar picks! One year's supply.

Anyway, best part is the joy of having my whole family (together with dad and mum) celebrating Christmas. The reality finally sets in, the fact that my whole family has officially moved and relocated to KL, something which I've never thought possible given 10 years back. God is good. He has been faithful. His plans are higher than ours. He knows best!

After the family dinner, we went to our church (City Harvest KL) for Candlelight Christmas Eve service. Full with joy and anticipation, I enjoyed the service to the max. We had testimony and caroling as the highlight and Pastor preached about the "The Light". The service ended with heart-warming moment of candle lit singing of our all time favorite "Silent Night" followed by "O Holy Night" ended with "Merry Christmas" and "Feliz Navidad". Greetings, hugs, gifts giving, phototakings ... more hugs.. more handshakes... more greeting... more prezzies followed.
It was a peaceful night.

Candle lit - beautiful!
And here's the christmas carols choir

On Christmas day, 25 Dec we woke up early and went to Sunway Pyramid for the Finale of our City Care's project "Love Is A Verb". A joint-venture community project by Sunway Pyramid and City Care to fulfill the wishes of the OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) from different homes. We served and entertained the 50+ OKUs, it was heart-warming to see them finding joy this Christmas. It was a successful event. Thanks to all the Orange-people - the volunteers of City Care.

In the afternoon, I presented David his Christmas gift, he too gave me a nice Christmas prezzie: Silver Puma Bag. Yes, Puma is our favorite sport-fashion brand. I love it! :)

In the evening, we had another family dinner at a chinese restaurant nearby our house, we are the only family there when we first arrived. (Since everyone is in the mall, we do not want to fight with everyone for car park and restaurant tables). After the dinner, mum, dad, sisters all came to our house - Dash Residence, to chill out. We chat, eat snacks and decided to watch a movie together. We then watched The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe. I've watched it many years ago but not for David and the rest. It was nice to watch it again and still, I must salute C.S Lewis for his brilliant writing of this series of fantasy story with apologetic truths. Love it!

Well, that ends the Christmas evening.

On Boxing Day, 26 Dec. We went to church for service and it was a great Sunday morning to be in church again. Everyone is happy and christmas mood is filling the air.

In the evening, David and I had our romantic dinner at EEST, Westin Hotel KL. One of our favorite restaurant and had a really nice meal with great service. Oh, the highlight? David was happy that one of the Westin Waitress came to him and told him that she loves the book "Cafe David" and the fact that the book is easy-reading and interesting. David *blushed* and smiling in his heart. I'm proud of him. Making a difference as an author. :)

After the dinner, we walked to Pavilion for our little sweet time at BR. Tried their Christmas special Snow Choc Ice Cream. Nyummy! As we strolled around Pavilion, I saw this cute Hello Kitty floating at the ceiling of pavilion, high up. Poor thing.. the owner must be so sad to contribute her Hello Kitty to Pavilion as ceiling deco.. :p
The beautiful "fake snow" christmas deco at Pavilion KL. (can't really see)

The lonely high-up Hello Kitty In Pavilion that I spotted!

We then walked around, get some stuff and came home. I'm sitting on my bed writing this Christmas journal and getting ready to sleep. Just before I rest, a friend Denise Lim, dropped by my house and pass me a Christmas gift. It's something I wanted! Starbucks limited Edition diary 2011. Best still, she customized it by putting on all my photos on almost every page. Great effort. Very touched! Thanks so much sis.

Going for a road trip tomorrow to Penang and Ipoh with my family. Happy. Merry Little Christmas.

Life is good when we have God, family and friends. No one is meant to be lonely.

May your life be filled with love, joy and peace this Christmas and have a brand new year ahead.