Monday, June 21, 2010

Father;s Day Special

"Happy Father's Day" SMS was sent to some fathers around the world. :)

.... and here are some of the replies:

"Hi Shirley, we are praying for you both today. Love and blessings!"
- Ps Mike Connell (Hastings, New Zealand)

"Thanks Shirley, I value you very much"
- Ps Pat Mesiti (Sydned, Australia)

"My daughter, you delight my heart, I am so happy to hear those words. I love you and David."
- Dr Robb Thompson (Chicago, USA)

"Thanks Shirley. You make me proud, I am blessed to have a spiritual daughter such as you. Blessings..."
- Ven. Canon John Yeo (My former Anglican senior pastor, Sabah, Malaysia)

"You are the best! I pray my girls grow up to be like you! Its an honor to know you. Thank you!"
- Ps Saras Bany (CHC Penang Malaysia)

It was a good time to connect with fathers! And received their blessings and love.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The 3 Fathers in my life

These men shapes my life in one way or another, 'Fatherhood' has great impact in every individual life and shapes the society. Why so? Because a Father gave us 3 important things in life:
1. Significance.
2. Security
3. Self Worth

Father is from the root word "Pater", "Patria" or "Patriach" where we get the word "Father" which also means "FAMILY". Without a Father at home, the family is incomplete and "Absentee father" forms "Dysfunctional Family".

Today as we celebrate Father's day, I want to thank God for these 'fathers':

No. 1 - My biological father - STEVEN BOON
My dad's dad passed away painfully due to stomach ulcer, leaving my dad and his siblings "fatherless" since their childhood. Having no more father at home, they have to 'survive' on their own. Lacking of that father's love has also affected my dad as a teenager. As a result, when he became a father one day, he doesn't know much about fatherhood and expressing love to us. He wasn't a believer then.

Thus, my sisters and I grew up in that "absentee father" family. Personally it affected my confidence and identity as I grew up without the assurance and affirmation of a father's love. Until the day I found God in 1994. My life was turned around. My life was filled with God's love to forgive and accept my dad. Restoring his broken past and I'm determined to love him to a point that he also experience God's father's love which he never get to experience when he was young. Now that I've grown up, I hold no grudges towards my dad for what he failed to gave us when we were young, but instead, I love him from the bottom of my heart. Dad is now here with us in KL enjoying his life in his latter years. By the way, my gorgeous look is inherited from my good-looking dad! *winks* I took on his sharp nose and big eyes. :)

I thank God that our family is restored and blessed because my dad is still here with us, making our family a complete and happy one. I love you dad, it's not how our start, how how we end. So glad to have you in my life. I won't be here today without you.

No. 2 - My Spiritual father - KEVIN LOO

This second man that greatly impacted my life in the past 10 years - my BOSS, my PASTOR.

Many have asked me "Are you Ps Kevin's sister?" over the years. Well, you know why? Because we have the same smile - BIG MOUTH. Yes! Great preachers need a bigger mouth to like us to speak powerful words. *grins*

I've know my pastor for... more than a decade now. He is my pastor when I first came to KL in 1999 when we were still back in our Anglican church. Since then, I've been following this man's vision closely and sacrificially. Apart from laying my life to serve God to start CHC (formerly known as COHC) with him, letting go my degree course back then in Melboune, Aus was one of the biggest decision I've made in order to support this vision. I was then the first PA to pastor! learned about being DETAILED from him. "Measure twice, Cut once" he once said to me.

Today, the church has grown and established in many ways. I thank God for this journey as I'm able to witness the growth from the start. There's truly no greater joy in life than to see lives transformed every day. My leadership and ministry ability were developed under guidance and discipleship of this spiritual father. Yes, I've been "molded" and "shaped" very sternly and strictly by him but it is truly necessary to iron out the rough edges in me so that I can fulfill God's calling in my life. I learned to honor and submit to authority regardless of the circumstances and challenges, obedience is better than sacrifice.

Thank you pastor and spiritual father for believing in me. Thank you for taking me in as the 1st staff, sending me to bible school, brought me around the world, gave me countless opportunities to lead, preach, represent you in many ways. I will always be the true daughter of the house.

No. 3 and last but not the least. My children's father (to be) - DAVID OH

This man is the most important man is my life right now. One day he will be a father to my kids. Whose name my children will carry. I know he will be a wonderful father. He is already a spiritual father to others.

Though we are from two different background and upbringing. But the one thing that brought us together and merging our lives is the love we have for our heavenly father. The same passion burning in our hearts to live for Him.

He has been a great encourager and best friend. The journey may be tough but thank God we have each other. Happy FATHER'S day in advanced to you! :) Love you Darling.

MEN, rise up to your true calling as a head of the home, a father that best expresses the love of our heavenly Father. The world will definitely be a better place when a boy turns a man that eventually becomes a good father.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers and fathers-to-be in the world. We love you!

People That Impacted My Life....

People That Impacted My Life....