Monday, October 19, 2009

My Beautiful Home - DASH RESIDENCE


I loveeee my home! From deciding the colors, selecting materials, renovations and thinking of the concepts for each corner of the house... every bit has been exciting and rewarding. I truly enjoy the process of the whole ID (Interior Design). Finally... here's a glimpse of our beautiful home:

The Dining Hall

The dining hall mural - complimentary of WeiTieng&Mon

The Kitchen

Living Room
(Yes! They are playing Wii!)

The Living room (other side)

Our small little STUDY ROOM & LIBRARY
(Still got boxes of books not displayed, not enough space!! *_*)

This house has gone through a major 'transformation' and makeover compared to its original 'look'... Orange walls with green and pink *_*

Anyway, we are blessed to have a beautiful home. David and I love to host guests and we want to have a place that others can come to have fellowship and enjoy!

Catching up with blogging!

Yeah, I know I've been very slack in blogging lately....

Having to swap from blogs to now, many blogs still yet to be migrated over.

I've got so many blogs waiting at DRAFT box to be published! Events and such... exciting yet busy season. No time to sit down and blog lately!

Will backdate all the blogs soon! Stay tuned!

Sharon Boon - My Beloved Sister Turns 21!

My dear sister SHARON-RAINIE-BOON CHAI TING turns 21 on Sept 21 this year!


Sharon is my younger sister whom our family loved very much. She is 8 years younger than me!
But the age gap doesn't really matters to us as we still hang out like buddies, sing K, play sports, talk and talk. In fact, she is more 'in' than me.

Sharon Boon is creative, friendly, humorous, loyal friend.

Welcome to the world of ADULTHOOD babe!

I pray that you will grow in your maturity, stability, spirituality as you've now hopped onto the 'TWENTIES fast-lane of life'. There will be challenges that are awaiting you, remember that you are stronger than the year before, and will be better in years to come. Everyday is a new opportunity to know yourself better and know your Creator deeper.

Therefore, know your identity, pursue your passion, live out your destiny. My final words for your birthday "Character First", with it you will go far in life.

I love you!


Bye Sony! Hello Apple!

Yes! I've just got my new Apple MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard Mac Os.

Thanks to my generous and wonderful boss who wants to reward me with a new notebook for working so hard and doing well lately. *thanks pastor*

And yeah, after much thoughts and consideration on whether to swap from PC to Mac, added with all the APPLE fans' convincing persuasions, I've decided to give APPLE a chance to win me over. *giggles*

I remembered when I was in college about 10 years ago, mum bought me an iMac for my multimedia studies. And after using mac at that time I remembered it was tough when I swapped back to PC as I graduated and decided to sell off the iMac and use PC at workplace.

However, little did I know that now I meet Mr Mac again. I'm still trying to make friend with him as I'm so used to PC shortcut keys and APPLE is too 'canggih' especially the touchpad functions are so 'creative' and 'cool'.

So yeah, I consider myself as a newbie again to relearn everything about Mac and hopefully after this as I get used to it, I will not turn back anymore. :)