Friday, September 11, 2009

Cough Cough Cough!

I had been coughing for more than a month now.

"What?! You Serious?"
Yes! I've been infected with lung infection.
I went to Melbourne in July for a week, prior to that I've been having bad sore throat due to the late nights and busy schedule at work. Not enough rest.

So when I get to Melbourne.
Yes, very very cold.

From sore throat, it turned into a really bad cough.

So I've been coughing throughout my trip in Melbourne. Well, I did monitor my temporature to make sure that it is not Influenza H1n1.
On Aug 3, when I landed in KL. I rushed to a clinic in Sunway Mentari to see the doctor.

The doctor gave me "TONNES" of medicines. 2 types of antibiotic and costs me RM 95.


Yes... both David and I felt we've been conned. @_@

Anyway, what to do... consulted the doctor and taken the medicines. The thing is, after I finished all the medicines....

I coughed til a point of having abdominal pain muscles aches near the rip area

And cough too much to a point of wanting to vomit.

So Serious??!

Yeah, David was infected too. *JENG* Sorry babe. :(

Anyway, I started ot suspect that my lung must be 'sick', thus I decided to ask for second opinion... .I went to Sunway Medical Centre to see the doctor.

The doc heard that I've been coughing for 2 weeks, asked me to go for XRAY of my lung.


I wentr "PHEW".....

So the doc gave me a DRY COUGH syrup and that's it.

I went home and I suddenly thought....

WAIT A MINUTE! I'm having phlegm in my lung and its not DRY at all, it is a CHESTY COUGH not a DRY COUGH....
Well, I concluded that the doctor has prescribed the wrong medicine for me.

Well, many church members and friends and family and all the caring people in the world came to me to suggest all kinds of remedy. Among them are:

Steamed Orange Juice
Steamed Pear with Honey
Apply Vicks
Hot tower wrapped around the neck
and this one is kinda 'challenging'...
Also, they gave me different kinds of supplements and recommended different medicines too.

We tried everything. I'm still coughing.

So finally, we've decided to go and see chinese medicines doctor.

Friends recommended this famous chinese healthcare centre


The doctor were shocked when she'd examined my condition. She said

my left lung is badly infected with virus and bacteria and if this condition persists, I will be infected with Pneumonia (肺炎) and it is very dangerous as it is also closer to my 'heart'.

So she adviced that I need to take LOTS OF REST.

And be sure that I take the medicines.

They packed it for us nowadays, very convenient. Unlike those old days where you have to "CHAP YOK 捡药" and boil it at home.

Well, western medicines only deals with the symptoms but chinese medicines deals with the root. Just that it will take longer time to heal 调

I'm feeling much better now. The frequency of the cough is now lesser.
Our subzone has declared a 40-hour fasting and prayer for me where each of them take 1 hour to pay throughout the 40-hour for my healing. I'm really touched!
Thanks so much to all of you for your love and concern. I will be well!
I just need more rest! :)
*cough... cough* ops. Sorry. @_@